The Overview

Addressing Human Resource requests and inquiries are critical to the overall morale and productivity of an organization, and we understand they must be addressed in a timely manner. Column’s feature-rich HR Case Management application handles requests and inquiries quickly by tracking requests and providing self-help through a robust knowledge base. If self-help does not have a solution, the request will be given to an agent who will can swiftly complete the request. Our application also allows your leadership to see trends within Human Resources in real-time.

The Solution: HR Delivery and Support

Features like the Service Request Module and Solutions Module make workflows more efficient by automating and tracking every request and interaction. Column Case manages the complete life cycle of a request. E-forms help virtualize paperwork by creating an electronic copy of the form and mapping the information to automatically fill them out. Broadcasting will help you spread important, need-to-know information to targeted employees and/or agents. Column Chat will help agents and end-users communicate instantly to help find the best solution to their problem. Lastly, the surveys ensure that the end-user is satisfied with their experience, notifying managers if they are not. Milestones can be configured to ensure requests stay on track and delivered in a consistent manner, further increasing end-user satisfaction.

Every aspect of Column HR is configurable meaning, the only limit to our solution is your imagination!

Application benefits

Service Request Module

Service Request Module

The service request module enables users to have a one-stop shop for all HR questions and inquiries and allows HR Support Agents to collect end-user information. The request process is performed by setting up a dynamic questioning system that strings together a line of questions based on the preselected answer. The request portal will be configured to your organization’s requirements and can be very simple or as complex as you need to be.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize user productivity with an intuitive web interface and role-based navigation
  • Enhance information sharing with highly secure, case-specific workspaces that allows almost any file format
  • Protect sensitive information using a variety of highly-flexible user, role, and information-based security controls
  • Increase efficiency with the leading workflow engine that automates activities and enforces processes
  • Improve information access with a search engine that indexes web pages, attachments, forms, form letters, log entries, and a data visualization tool