Customer Reference Network

It's customers like you that have helped us achieve growth and success. Likewise, we are committed to helping you grow and succeed.

Together, we can explore avenues for sharing your message in ways that are most advantageous to you and your organization.

What are the benefits?

When you participate in Column's Customer Reference Network, we can help you:

Develop and promote yourself and your organization as thought leaders
Increase visibility for your organization in channels that may otherwise be unavailable to you.
Build industry recognition
Gain access to technology experts such as analysts and others who provide valuable technical exchanges that keep you abreast of the latest trends and developments.
Network with successful peers at government agencies, educational institutions and businesses around the world
Gain unprecedented access to Column staff well beyond the sales channel, including our executive management.
Earn company discounts on Column's products and services

What are the requirements?

Column's Customer Reference Network is staffed by professionals who are dedicated to fostering positive mutual exposure for both of our organizations. The program is built by a participation point system, which allows your organization to reap the rewards in service, training, and support discounts.

Even our customers who are under nondisclosure agreement (NDA) can participate. Customers with NDAs can still take part in certain referencing activities while maintaining anonymity.