When it comes to case management, the importance of security cannot be overstated. If case files are not effectively protected and workflow data is left vulnerable, the results could range from failed investigations to liability for non-compliance to damaged brand reputation or worse. Our tested and proven case management solution that’s built on the most secure platform in the world − a workflow engine used by some of the biggest corporate and federal organizations worldwide including over 75 percent of the Fortune 500 and the United States Department of Defense (DOD).

Security features:

External Authentication
Password Management
Group Based Security / Multiple Data Security Levels
Row Level (Record) Access
Audit Capabilities

Broad Spectrum

The first task in case investigation security? Making sure your data is safe from the outside in. This starts with external authentication using LDAP or Single Sign-On (SSO) to improve accessibility without compromising protection. In the event an LDAP solution isn't used, our Password Management application ensures that passwords meet specific criteria, are regularly changed, and must be entered correctly to avoid lockout. Our default 56-bit encryption protects both stored and in-transit data — as needed, you can scale up to ultra-secure 2048-bit alternatives.

Key Details

The devil is in the details — and when it comes to security, the details make all the difference in keeping your investigative data secure against outside attack and malicious internal use. Robust audit capabilities ensure you're always able to track logins (successful and failed), along with all records activity, changes and approvals — so you know who is doing what, and when. Cases can also be bookmarked to track and report any activity. Group-based and row level security, meanwhile, give you total control over who has access to secure workflow data and lets you lock cases to specific groups or individuals, as needed.

Bottom line? Secure data is the bedrock of any successful investigation. Don't settle for second-best or "good enough" — contact Column Case Investigative today and tap the same system used by some of the most demanding security clients worldwide.