Training For Case Investigative Software

Seeing returns on your case investigative software investment means ensuring that staff members are provided with up-to-date training and ongoing support. That’s why training is an integral part of each of our engagements. Column Case Investigative offers customized training solutions for all of our case management products, allowing you to choose the type, length and location which best suits your needs and budget. Choose from:

Onsite Training
Our experts come to you and train your staff one on one or in a group setting. Onsite training ensures your staff is using technology they're familiar with and often helps identify case management software questions that emerge during typical workday scenarios. This kind of training is especially effective at reducing the time required for data input while simultaneously increasing data quality.
Classroom Training
We train your staff in the group setting of your choice. This is a great way to start your new investigative software with a basic overview of features, facts and services. Our experienced trainers can answer any questions from you or your team and provide follow-up support if concerns emerge after the session.
Online Individual or Group Training
Sometimes it's just not feasible to bring an expert or conduct investigative software training off site. That's why Column Case Investigative offers online training services that let your staff tap our expertise without ever leaving their workstations. This kind of investigative software training is a great option for companies with tech-savvy or experienced staff who prefer the speed and flexibility of online learning.
Customized Training
Don't see a solution that meets your specific needs? At Column Case Investigative, we're pleased to design a program of studies that offers the content you need, the location you want and the type of training that best suits your employees.

Training doesn't end after implementation. We're committed to providing up-front value with training courses designed to match your corporate needs and continued support to ensure your case management solution provides long-term value.