Duplicate Management and Data Reconciliation Engine

When companies face duplicate data and reconciliation issues, they are often overwhelmed. Column Case Investigative has been the leader in case investigations, case management and data reconciliation. Our data management and data reconciliation engine is designed to streamline processes, clean records, remove duplicates and automate workflow to the betterment of our clients and their employees. At Column Case Investigative, we believe in helping our clients find the optimal solutions in a cost-effective and timely fashion. With our help, clients are able to remove duplicates while easily maintaining data in a clean, accurate, standardized and easy-to-search environment.

The challenges of duplicate data and reconciliation just got easier allowing you to:

View detailed information before relating a record to help users avoid relating to the wrong record, and help users avoid creating duplicates.
Search for potential duplicates while creating new records to help users avoid creating duplicates, and fix bad data.
Clean up imported data and see their relationships.
Maintain data standardized, clean and accurate.

Typical Client Record Management Scenarios and our Proven Data and Record Management Solutions:

Scenario 1: Many times, when users search for people, sites, vehicles or property to relate to a complaint, the analyst or investigator creates a new record without properly searching for an existing record. In some cases, the user searches for the record, but does not find it because some of the data was entered incorrectly. Being unable to easily find the existing records causes a user to create duplicates.

Solution: With the integrated duplicate data management and data reconciliation engine, detailed information can be viewed to help users avoid relating to the wrong record or creating duplicate copies in real time. Detailed information for a person's contact information includes: first and last name, email address, employee ID, work phone, mobile phone, last name and department, first name and date of birth, last name and date of birth.

Scenario 2: Many times, Column Case Investigative will replace an existing archaic system that is cumbersome and inefficient. Often times, when data import occurs, there are multiple duplicates due to the previous lack of data standardization.

Solution: The data management and data reconciliation engine can help propel businesses to future successes by improving data and record search capabilities. Users are able to define queries for any form in the system so that applicable records can be marked as potential duplicates. Next, a user can view the records grouped in a table to best determine if any of the records should be joined. The merging process provides data standardization — while simultaneously pushing the necessary records to an archived form.

Column Case Investigative's best-practice case management tactics have provided exceptional results to businesses and their employees.