Relationship Engine

Our investigative case software allows the investigator to connect the dots by displaying relationships by linking locations, people, gang affiliation, vehicles, etc. thru our powerful relationship engine. In many cases, our Relationship Engine will be able to display all relationships known and unknown.

relationship engine screenshot
relationship engine screenshot

The case management visualization presents these relationships in a graphical manner, so connections that might not be obvious become clear.

How It Works

Users access a graphical interface that helps them understand how various components, locations and documents relate without spending hours pouring over spreadsheets and case notes looking for trends. When you select a case, for example, the program returns a graphic document showing the connections between subjects, witnesses, complaints, evidence and locations. This visual representation clarifies the complex intelligence data and presents it as a clear display with connecting lines to show relationships.

Immediate Visualization Benefits:

Helps build a clearer picture of an investigation
Assists in developing co-relational intelligence for trending
Allows for proactive planning in areas of "hotspot" crimes
Mitigates evidence destruction risks by mapping criminal intelligence
Decreases time in case solvability

Who Needs Case Management Software?

Any company that deals with multifaceted data benefits from visualization tools, but this program works best for law enforcement agencies and investigative services. Clients utilizing these services see the rewards of visual connections, as well, by getting a clearer understanding of their case.

Column Case Investigative has provided groundbreaking technology to organizations all over the world. Our case management software can help translate textual data into incident maps and charts for a complete view of connections and hidden links.