Corporate & Employee Fraud Investigations

Fraud remains a significant challenge for companies across market verticals and industries. If employees are committing fraudulent acts — even within corporate confines — there is real potential for damage to your reputation or brand image. This in turn leads to reduced revenue, loss of consumer loyalty, and less-than-flattering press coverage. External fraud can similarity mount up to substantial losses of money or serious crimes.

Despite best efforts, however, handling a fraud investigation often proves difficult, time consuming and potentially fruitless for many companies: How do you manage fraudulent data trails, evidence and record keeping all while remaining compliant with HR, organizational and governmental regulations?

At Column, we've developed a holistic approach to investigating fraud with our case management software, which offers both centralized evidence collection and streamlined search functions. The result? Better investigative best practices, improved security and regulatory compliance — while increasing overall case outcomes.

Fraud Full Stop

Adopting our purpose-built solution for fraud management directly benefits any number of companies — from financial institutions to health care agencies or mortgage brokers, including:

  • The Solvability Matrix — Which investigations have the highest likelihood of a positive outcome? Which are the highest priority to your organization? Using predefined data points or user-selected factors, our solvability matrix ensures you're tackling the right cases at the right time for maximum success.
  • Unified Data — Fraud investigations often include data from a wide variety of sources. These could include emails, text messages, physical documents and transcripts of interviews with specific employees. Storing this data in multiple locations increases the risk of loss, in turn damaging your chances of a successful outcome. Our unified platform keeps all evidence in a searchable, secure database; allowing you to preserve confidentiality and ensure total compliance.
  • Duplicate Defense — Because fraud investigations are so complex, the existence of duplicate records can significantly slow progress: Investigators must manually determine what is relevant and what is mere repetition. The Column Case solution, meanwhile, includes built-in duplicate detection whenever a report is generated or searched, meaning you only get relevant, actionable results.

Column Case Investigative is effective for common fraud investigations, including:

  • Money Laundering Schemes
  • Contract and Procurement
  • Bribery and Corruption
  • Web, Security, and Digital Identity
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Risk Management
  • IP Infringement and Theft
  • Vendor Audits
  • Tracing and Recovering Loss

Real-world Use Case: The largest aviation agency utilizes Column Case Investigative to provide a centralized repository for aviation safety related incidents and issues, internal administrations of incidents and issues, as well as reports of whistleblower retaliation. Typical inquiries related to airline safety include reports of improper maintenance, low flying aircrafts and allegations of drug and alcohol abuse by crew. Typical inquires related to administration include reports of improper practices and harassment.