Automate business process. Increase efficiencies. Improve compliance.

Efficiency is the watchword for many organizations: How can existing manual processes be transformed into more streamlined automated alternatives? There are a number of compelling reasons to make the switch: Automated processes significantly reduce the possibility of data entry errors, increase organizational compliance and allow employees the freedom to work on other projects that directly benefit long-term business strategy.

Though moving from manual to automated process is an initiative best approached with caution, since the number of interdependent variables and reporting challenges that exist in even single processes can be daunting, let alone tackling the challenge of implementing automated business processes across your entire organization. Column Case Investigative can help — in addition to our best-of-breed case investigation software, we're an in-depth consulting partner with expertise gleaned from over 1500 engagements with enterprises, public sector companies and federal agencies.

Discover Your Strengths

Our consulting services start with an initial discovery and audit phase of your organization: Where can you best benefit from automation, and where is more groundwork required before a switch from manual to automated makes sense? Next, we draft a list of recommendations and describe, in detail, specific solutions to bolster your bottom line. For example, our case management software can help significantly reduce the number of duplicate records in your company, while also providing a single point of storage and search for all critical evidence.

In addition, we offer comprehensive risk management services to evaluate existing processes and offer insight into creating new best practices that will satisfy compliance requirements and still allow access to critical data — on demand.

Our consulting services include:

Initial discovery, analysis, and recommendations
Risk Management
Process re-engineering
Post System Review
Adding internal or external department and/or agency
Policing Records Management
Management of intelligence sources
System or Data Integrations

After The Fact

Once you've adopted our technology, our consulting services can also help ensure you're getting the best return on your investment. This includes tackling any “information silos” still present in your company along with handling unique workflow challenges. In addition, we help to ensure your data is being properly handled, stored and accessed by all personnel. Finally, you'll receive a post system review detailing any discoveries made, actions taken and outcomes achieved.