Automated Solvability Index Matrix (ASIM)

Our Automated Solvability Index Matrix (ASIM) provides law enforcement agencies, private detectives and investigative agencies with the capability they need to prioritize key data and the probability rate of solving a case. Column Case Investigative developed the ASIM to improve case solvability rates through more effective case management. The automated solvability matrix provides the basis needed to determine proper resource alignment for myriad cases. In this vein, ASIM rates and scores data points — such as type, people, phone, vehicle, organization and property — in the probability of solving a case. The more documented and accurate the information, the higher the solvability rate.

How it Works…

The ASIM workflow is an automated “scoring” system, designed to arm investigators with a unique view into case solvability rates. For each case, a worksheet is attached and divided into data points. An automated score is assigned based on the information that is either captured or available. Calculated key scores are then used to determine the solvability of the case; these scores are automatically updated when additional data is inputted.

Who Can Benefit?

Our ASIM was purposefully developed to drastically improve case solvability rates through more effective case management. As a direct result, companies interested in leveraging the numerous benefits of an automated workflow, accompanied with more effective case management solutions, are able to enjoy the ASIM. For almost two decades, private detectives, investigative agencies and law enforcement groups have implemented more efficient and effective business operations as a result of our services. The ability to automate workflow, keep clean records and eliminate duplicates can all be achieved through more effective case management and our ASIM.


Increased case solvability rate.
Improved case management.
Lower operational cost through effective decision-making.
More efficient resource allocation.
Run a strategic decision-making organization using proven ASIM workflow best practices.
Enhanced understanding of data silos and information gaps.