Column Case Investigative is a workflow-driven, web-based investigation management software solution designed to support complex processes that require a combination of human tasks and electronic workflow. Our case management solution lets you and every team member easily manage investigations in a secure and reliable environment.

Focused on the real-world needs of organizations handling investigations, Column Case Investigative offers the collaboration, content management, workflow automation, and integration features you need to streamline processes and improve performance.

Enhanced Business Intelligence with Better Data Management

Our tools empower your organization to record, document and access data in a seamless, secure way. To improve the way you approach a case investigation, you can search for specific records, visualize a group of data, easily access electronic forms and find customizable workflows. Through information updated in real time, you have better intelligence than ever before — leading to more solved cases in less time.

Features of Our Unique Case Management Tool

When you use our web-based case management solution, you have a way to track every aspect of a case, from assignment to notes to extra information. Through an intuitive web interface and role-based navigation, you can optimize productivity. It’s easy to compare cases, look at a statistical analysis of information, and become more efficient with the workflow engine to automate activities.

Column Case Investigative provides:

Enhanced record, document, and evidence management
Improved security and audit procedures
Increased data quality
Improved information access from search and data visualization
Increased efficiency with electronic forms and customizable workflows
Access to up-to-the minute data with a customizable, web-based reports console
Increased solvability of cases

With Column Case Investigative, you will:

Keep track of case assignment, case disposition, notes, and supplemental information
Optimize user productivity with an intuitive web interface and role-based navigation
Provide statistical analysis of case information
Track unique characteristics of each case and compare to other cases for crimes that are related
Enhance information sharing with highly secure, case-specific workspaces that allow almost any file format
Protect sensitive information using a variety of highly-flexible user, role, and information-based controls
Increase efficiency with the leading workflow engine that automates activities and enforces processes
Improve information access with a search engine that indexes web pages, attachments, forms, and log entries
Our solution leverages 'Bootstrap' and is mobile responsive to most tablets and iOS devices

Column Case Management software addresses the requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act by configuring the application to address access rights, how information is deleted and redacted, and how the sharing of personal information is collected and consumed by businesses within the construct of our leading case application.

While Column Case Management comes with investigative best practices out of the box, it also has built-in Business Process Management (BPM) features. These features allow the software to be flexible enough to handle new laws or investigative procedures that are unique to your organization without the need for lengthy or expensive customizations.

In summary, Column Case Management will streamline and track the investigative process with robust features and built-in best practices that are continually updated. Our experienced Subject Matter Experts will make recommendations during discovery, development, and implementation that ensures your organization is following investigative best practices and uses methodologies that have been proven to work.